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Is Alpha Brain Black Label Better than Alpha Brain?
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What is Alpha Brain?

Alpha Brain is one of the famous Onnit Supplements that work on your brain to enhance its performance and make it healthy. It also increases your thinking power and enables you to memorialize things for a longer time.

Alpha Brain contains entirely natural substances that help produce neurotransmitters to speed up the connections and movement between neurons.

The Onnit Lab is the company that makes the Alpha Brain supplements which are famous for their unprecedented quality nootropics productions. The company improved the Alpha brain into Alpha Brain black label, which is much better and promotes sharp focus than the former one.

Joe Rogan, who owns a greater part of the share in the company, strongly believes in Alpha Brain black label product, and that’s part of why he vehemently promoted it.

Alpha Brain

What are the Ingredients of The Nootropic?

Alpha Brain consists of the following active ingredient that promotes brain health.

1. Alph GPC

Alpha GPC is one of the main components of the Alpha Brain. It is used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and brain-related disorders. It works on the brain and increases the production of acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is an important hormone that transports the massage among the neurons. Acetylcholine helps in memory, focus, and motivation.

2. Huperzia Serrata

Acetylcholinesterase is an enzyme that causes acetylcholine breakdown, reducing its level in the brain. Huperzia Serrata inhibits the acetylcholinesterase enzyme and therefore increases the level of acetylcholine in your brain.

3. Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is a staple plant that grows in tropical areas. It has been used for various medical conditions like anxiety and epilepsy 

for centuries. The components of Bacopa monnieri were also found useful in the treatment of cancer and inflammation. Bacopa monnieri contains antioxidant properties which help to eliminate cancerous cells from the body. 

4. L-theanine

L-theanine enhances the level of dopamine and serotonin in your brain. These are brain hormones that are responsible for regulating the quality of sleep, mood, and emotions. L-theanine can be found in green tea. 

5. Oat Straw Extract

Oat Straw belongs to the cereal grain family and is famous for its beneficial effects on the brain. The seeds of Oat Straw contain highly dense fibers, which are helpful for good health. The main function of Oat Star extracts is to stimulate brainwave activity. These brainwaves are beneficial in several ways, such as boosting cognition and getting relief from depression and anxiety. 

6. Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid in nature that works to protect the brain cells and carry signals between them. It is used in the management of Alzheimer’s disease and memory enhancement. Phosphatidylserine levels in the brain decline with age. Therefore taking Alpha Brain can bring your phosphatidylserine level to normal and boost your brain function.

7. Other Ingredients include

Cat’s Claw Extract
Vitamin B6 


Scientific evidence of Alpha Brain’s effects on the brain.

A study was conducted in 2016 to evaluate the cognitive effect of Alpha Brain in a healthy individual.

A total of 63 healthy individuals of age 18 to 35 took part in the randomized trial. The Alpha Brain supplement was given to the participants for six weeks. The neurological investigation was performed before and after the participants’ trial.

After Six weeks, the subject’s verbal recall and executive function significantly improved in the placebo group.

This study demonstrates that the use of Alpha Brain for 6 weeks can significantly improve memory and other cognitive function in healthy individuals.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain Black Label

Alpha Brain Black Label is a significant improvement in the original product of the Onnit. It has been proven that it works well on the brain in increasing focus and learning. 

Some people have also experienced an increase in their energy level and a decline in anxiety and depression. However, researchers still haven’t concluded whether the Black Label should be used are not. There is limited study on this supplement.
The Alpha Brain Black must be used consistently because the main ingredient in it works when you take it on a regular basis.

Alpha Brain Black is not a good option if you are looking for supplements that consistently improve your memory and other cognitive functions.

How much time does take to act on the brain?

It varies from one individual to another. In some people, effects appear in just 1 to 2 hours, while some people may experience changes after one week of intake of the supplement. The delay effects may be to taking a low dose of the nootropic. Therefore for good results, an optimal dose is necessary. Secondly, some brains are more sensitive to drugs and can change more easily than others; hence that people show abrupt changes.

If the supplement doesn’t show beneficial effects after taking it for weeks, you should change your doses gradually to get good results.

Benefits of Alpha Brain

most commonly used for cognitive function. It boosts brain function and makes your brain more active and focuses. You can use it during your exam preparation or other situations which need memory recall.

Following are some functions of the Alpha Brain

1. Relieve stress

Alpha Brain supplements contain L-Tyrosine, which acts on the brain cells and release various neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters help to communicate with the neuron cells and enhance their function. As a result, your mood is changed and stress relieved.

2. Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a common disorder of the brain. It slowly and gradually destroys the memory and forces the abilities of the patient. It is thought to be caused by abnormal aggregation of protein around the brain cells. Amyloid is considered the common protein involved in this condition

Among Alpha Brain ingredients, Alpha GPC and phosphatidylserine are mostly useful for the management of Alzheimer’s disease. 

3. Memory Enhancement

helps to remember names and places and boosts your mental functions to respond quickly to any reaction. As discussed earlier in this article, it has been scientifically proven that using Alpha Brain for 2 weeks can significantly improve memory. This occurs due to some ingredients in the Alpha brain which speed up the wave response of the brain.

4. Motivation

There is an area in the brain called the amygdala, which releases various hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These hormones keep you happy and motivate for daily life tasks. Some conditions can cause the decreased release of these hormones and make you feel tired and de-motivated. 

Alpha Brain acts on the brain and stimulates neural cells to release dopamine and serotonin. Consequently, releasing hormones make you motivated and boosts your energy to complete your daily life tasks.

5. Improve your focus

Stay focused means concentrating on the work which you have in your hand and avoiding all distractions. Your mind will stay focused when it is free of diseases, and the cells function well. Your brain filters the important information and suppresses the irrelevant things. These all occur at your brain’s cellular levels.

For this reason, your brain must be in good health condition to accomplish this task. Alpha Brain enhances the interconnection between cells and carries signals between them.

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